Hi and welcome to my blog. I want to tell you a little about myself.

I started in computers at a young age and quickly got a job spec'ing out and building gaming PCs for a local company. I got the opportunity to tag along and work computer security for a global organization. It's here that I first got that passion for security. For the following six years I got to travel and help create security policies for staff.

I started to pursue a degree in Information Security. While in school I worked multiple network administration jobs and learned that a lot of the other technicians I worked with lacked the ability to code, and it seemed to hold them back from completing  niche tasks. This realization pushed me to pursue an associates in Mobile Application Development.

I completed my Mobile Application Development degree while at the same time pursuing Cisco certification. I ended up not being able to afford to finish my degree. I dropped out and started writing code for money. Fast forward a couple years and I own a development agency (you can learn more about that here) with two partners and about fifteen employees. I still have a passion for security, and this blog is my outlet. My goal is to help developers write better code, and stakeholders to understand the need for a focus on security.